The 25th George Old Car Show will take place in February 2022. 

The safety and health of our members and the public is paramount, and we believe that postponing the event is the responsible action to take.

Department of Health COVID-19 updates available at

Die 25ste George Oumotorskou sal gehou word in Februarie 2022.

Die veiligheid van ons lede en die publiek is van uiterste belang en daarom glo ons dat die uitstel van die skou die regte en verantwoordelike besluit is.


A Collector's Vehicle Scheme is in place to enable members to insure their vehicles at extremely competitive rates. Covers  available are full Comprehensive, whilst in use or laid-up.  Information and a quotation form are available below. The Club Secretary  can also provide an Application and information.  It will soon be mandatory that you have at least this much insurance cover or you will not  be allowed to take part in club or any other event.


COLLECTORS VEHICLES - Categories A to B and Not in Daily Use
The vehicle (Car, Commercial or Motorcycle) that attracts the highest premium from any category is charged at the full rate. All other vehicles are charged at the lower rate. Registration Certificates are required for vehicles in use. Cover is Full Comprehensive.

There are two categories of vehicle under this heading the oldest vehicles attracting the lower rates and the later models the higher rates. Rating indications are available from the Club Secretary and verified by the SAVVA Portfolio Holder.

Category A Vehicles built / registered before December 31, 1979.
Category B Vehicles built / registered between January 1980 and December 31, 1991.

(a) Any activity organised by a Club affiliated to SAVVA including Displays, Regularity or Economy events, Fun Runs, Tours, Processions, Club Meetings and journeys to and from such events but excluding Speed trials, Circuit racing off road events and hire or display beyond the immediate supervision and control of the insured. Hire for weddings whilst driven by the Insured.

• Being taken for repair or restoration under own power or by trailer and trailer to any event. Road testing by the insured or mechanic for the purpose of maintenance provided this is not done in peak traffic times.

• Occasional journeys of a purely social and pleasure nature but excluding to and from a place of business employment or educational institution and business use.

USE CLAUSE 2 (Laid Up)
Laid up or in storage awaiting or under restoration and not taken off the premises or on the road.  This includes the vehicle in a stripped condition undergoing restoration work but only parts associated therewith, excluding spare parts.

To apply for SAVVA discounted insurance cover for your vehicle, please download the application form below. Please send your completed form to 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application Form for Insurance Cover